Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Critical eye

When I first got my contact lenses many months back, for a long time I absolutely could not tell if they were "the right way" or inside-out. The lenses haven't changed. I still can't really look at a lens and tell you if it's inverted or not most of the time. The difference is that I just kind of intuitively know now. My perception has somehow changed to be able to identify the state of a contact lens, even though I can't really consciously tell the difference most of the time.


Anonymous said...

when inside-out, the edge flares out slightly, when rightside-in the curvature of the lens at the edge is maintained. This edge can be felt, making the lens slightly less comfortable, which I suspect is your intuition saying: "hey dipshit, your contact lens is in backward".

Anonymous said...

Or if you wear Acuvue 2 lenses like I do, the small "123" printed on the lens guarantees that you can't screw it up. :)

Acuvue 2s are supposed to be put in your eyes in such a way that, if the "123" were large enough and in a darker color that didn't match the white of your eyes, it could be read correctly (i.e., not backward) by another person taking a close look at your eye. (That is, if you hold it up to a light and the "123" appears backwards to you, the side nearer to you is the one that goes on the surface of your eye.)

Travis said...

Well, yeah, I can definitely feel it once it's in backwards. The difference is that I know when it's inverted before putting it in my eye, despite the fact that I can't really see the lens clearly, especially without my glasses on. Consciously, most of the time I can't tell the difference just by staring.