Friday, November 4, 2005


Sometimes grammar errors in a song frustrate me a lot, because it often makes the song nearly impossible for me to sing along to, if the correct word has more or fewer syllables. The one that's been haunting me all morning:

The sign said stop
but we went on wholehearted;
it ended bad
but I love what we started.

But, it should be "wholeheartedly" in the second line. So, when I sing along, I end up saying "wholeheartedly" and then I've missed "it" and might mess up "ended" while I try to get back on track. It's very difficult for me to consciously say one little thing incorrect out of a mostly-correct larger block of text, because I've trained myself to automatically fix little errors like that.


MajorLB said...

Shouldn't it be badly in the 3rd line too?

Luke said...

Hehe, that's what I said, too.

Travis said...

Yes, Luke emailed me about the subject. While I think that "badly" would sound better in prose, in song "bad" sounds better, and I think that "bad" is still acceptable, though somewhat awkward. Whereas "wholeheartedly" is definitely how it went, "bad" could just be the state in which it ended, not how it ended. I think I used the example "Kyle started the day male, but ended female." There are several implicit words that work there. So, I think it's grammatically acceptable. Then again, I never really learned grammar.

Travis said...

Then again, by the same reasoning, you could assume an implied word such as "being" before "wholehearted," but that sounds really sketchy and unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Travis, now every time I listen to Parting Gift I will think about that. :-P -Meagan