Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What's in a name

I've always liked all three of my names: Travis Mark Spomer. For the longest time, I used to keep my middle name a secret known only by my best friends and government officials, but recently I've given up on it because I really do like the name. I used to really hate it, even more than usual, when my mom would yell out my full name, because I didn't want anyone else to know my M-secret. I don't like the fact that it's my dad's name, just because I always hate it when people share first or middle names with their parents, first names bothering me much more than middle names. I always write my full name as Travis M. Spomer, never just Travis Spomer, which would make even more people wonder what that M stood for.

I also don't mind the name that my parents were going to give me before I sprouted a penis, Krystal. I assume that my middle name would have been Ann, after my mother and her mother, which I wouldn't have been thrilled about. I think that Tracy was in the running for a second-place girl name for me. I enjoy the names of two of my female coworkers—Fiona, which I've always liked, and Renata, which I'd never heard before moving here. I would have been fine with my mom's name had it belonged to anyone but my mother, Grayson, and I also like my aunt's name, Amber, which was shared by one of my friends in high school. Meredith is also a great girl's name, and I've also always loved the name of my oldest friend, Kylin. With different genitals, I would have been okay with any of those names.

But, happily, I was born a guy, and I think I ended up with a pretty good name. Generally over the course of my life I would always think of how few guys' names I envied, being rather attached to Travis. Mark is probably the most boring name that I like, not being a fan of the Matthews or the Jonathans or the Stephens or the Williams or the Michaels of the world. I'm sure that has a lot to do with liking the way that Mark sounds after my first name, but it's a nice-sounding short name overall; far preferable to Mike and Matt. More character. In ninth grade I first met someone who spelled it with a C (Marc), which I thought was pretty cool and did rather envy. (There was "Marc with a C," and "Mark who gets a C," in the words of my pre-calc teacher, referring to two guys in my class.)

There are some other guys' names I'd be fine with, though. I like my little brother's name, Dayton. One of my favorites has been Heath, which I also heard for the first time in high school; I liked it despite being the name of a person I couldn't stand in one of my classes. I've recently become quite fond of the name Adrik, a freshman at UNL who I don't know, though were it my name I would pronounce it with a long A, which sounds way cooler. Malcolm's nice. Besides perhaps those, there aren't too many names I would willingly trade with. I'd also take Trian, which I thought I invented a couple years ago as a unisex name for my Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic, but apparently it already exists as an Asian name of some sort.

I never really thought of alternate last names that I liked since having an alternate last name wasn't exactly likely to happen. I like Spomer anyway. As has been commented, it sounds like a nice Bond villain name. Just imagine Sean Connery saying "Schpohmah." I do, however, admire people with punctuation in their names.

Maybe I just gravitate toward people with kickass names:

Kylin Riley, my longest friend—That's a good name. We were friends more due to closeness in birthday rather than awesomeness of name, though.
Adam Thayer, my best friend in elementary school—Okay, doesn't count. I was little.
Günter Voelker, my best friend in middle school—Getting better. Two wacky, fun names in one.
Daniel Mason-D'Croz, best friend in high school and roommate in college—No points for first name, but the last name makes up for it. An apostrophe!
Marc Popkin-Paine, acting best friend given the constraints of geography and convenience—Okay, a name doesn't really get any better than that.

(I used to try to avoid putting peoples' names in my blog, but seeing as this is a post about names... whatever.)

Personally, I find it impossible to imagine a name more awesome than either of the last two, but if I find someone with one, I will have to be sure to befriend them, for the sake of continuity.


Anonymous said...

My middle name is Silas.

Anonymous said...

On a side note: Travis is one of the few names I've ever thought I could pull off, besides Günter.