Sunday, October 23, 2005

That's the power of matter management

I think that I might institute some rules for time use upon myself. Things like the following:
  • Check personal email and RSS feeds exactly once per day, soon after returning from work so it's not 3:00 and you're going "oh crap, I haven't responded to emails yet."
  • No reading IvoryTower during the day except once around 10:00 am when you read the news.

I don't feel so much that I've been wasting my time; more just that I'd have more time to do things if I consolidated a bit. I'll still read and respond to every email and post, but I'll do it all at once. I used to check my POP server every five minutes for new mail, and respond to it immediately. That was before I started getting so much spam. I've increased that timespan over the years; I'm now at 30 minutes per check, which basically means that I check Outlook every 30 minutes I'm at the computer and not playing a full-screen game, because I can't even imagine a 30-minute span in which I didn't get at least 10-20 emails. There's no real reason for me to check my mail periodically; urgent issues do not come through personal email. They come through phone calls and IMs. I spend a huge portion of my workdays just reading and responding to email; I want to minimize that at home.

In fact, in writing this post, I've decided that I'm going to do it. I'm turning off my email notifier program right now.


Andy Misle said...

Bonus points for your use of classic subject matter in the subject of the post :) I guess that poster must have made quite an impression on me as I stared at it while doing those worthless Cryptography problems...

Travis said...

I keep that poster up in my computer room, but not because it reminds me of Cryptography.