Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tastes in languages

One random comment before I head off to bed:

I hate the way that German sounds when spoken, but for some reason I like it when sung, as in an opera. It just sounds interesting, and the seemingly absurd number of syllables make for some nice musical potential. I don't really like spoken Spanish that much either, but I do like it when sung, perhaps because it's slower. Spanish sounds really sexy when sung. French I like spoken and sung; it just sounds pretty.

East Asian languages just sound awful spoken and almost as bad when sung. Sorry. I find it funny that the most beautiful written languages are among the most unpleasant-sounding.


Anonymous said...

Niemand dem Deutsch spricht koennte boese sein!

Nach acht jahren Deutsch studieren ich kann sicher sagen dass es schrecklich geschrieben, gesprochen und gesungen ist!

Latin, es ist immer schoen!

Travis said...

Mein leben!