Sunday, October 23, 2005

Space Rangers Ho

I've stumbled across a fun game that seems like it would be a near-perfect game to live on the tablet and play whenever I had a few spare minutes, alongside Etherlords, which is my current favorite in that category: Space Rangers. It's very easy to start and stop at arbitrary points without being confused the next time you play, it has low system requirements, it's easily played entirely with the mouse or pen (good for tablets)... and it's ADD-tastic. Tired of trading? Go shoot down other ships. Or run transport missions. Or go solve a logic puzzle for some distant planet. Or play a simple land-based RTS match. (!) It's definitely an odd game, or rather an odd assortment of mini-games all tied together with a single theme. Perfect for a quick game on the go, or at least it would be if I actually kept my tablet with me. I imagine that, like Etherlords, I'll remove it from my desktop PC and it will live forever on my tablet. It's too bad that the copy protection scheme is so annoying. That's certainly one nice thing about World of Warcraft and Guild Wars; I'd rather enter a password than hunt down a disc. (Though, of course; I'd rather do neither; there's no good reason at all that I should have to enter a username/password to log in to an online game. I have my own user account for a reason.)

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Kerjo said...

There's no good reason to have to pop a CD in the drive to play a game, either.

Especially if it's on your tablet. I mean, I don't even have a CD drive on mine. This sounds like a good "bored in class" game though.