Sunday, October 9, 2005

Less delicious music

Not much to comment on for the last few CDs I've been focusing on.

Emiliana Torrini—Fisherman's Woman: There's one decent song on this CD, Thinking Out Loud. Sadly, a much better version of the song (the Line of Flight remix) is available for free on the Sneaker Pimps website, and it's not a phenomenal song to begin with. The album sounds like her first album, after removing what little joy she had, and after removing all accompaniment. Definitely not worth the twelve bucks or whatever.

Thievery Corporation—The Cosmic Game: Good enough. The problem with Thievery Corporation is that it sounds like background music, to the point that when I try to listen to it, I get distracted by something else. Usually I seem to have the opposite problem; I can't listen to certain artists while I'm doing other things because I pay too much attention to the song and not whatever else I'm doing. Anyway, I think that's kind of the point. It's great music to have on while you're playing a game or have people over. I'd say that the only real problem I have with The Cosmic Game is that it sounds exactly like their other CDs. You could mix and match tracks and no one would ever notice. I generally don't have a problem with this—if I liked it to begin with it, I'll like more of it—but it still might have been nice to hear something a little different. Oh well; I can't complain, seeing as I added every track on the CD to my permanent rotation. If forced to pick favorites, they'd be Pela Janela, Doors of Perception, and The Supreme Illusion.

Jonathan Elias and kajillion guests—The Prayer Cycle: This is an interesting CD. It's not quite a cappella, but the instrumentation is very minimal, and it focuses on a couple different choirs and some interesting guest vocalists, like Alanis Morrissette and Linda Ronstadt. It's peaceful and pretty. An interesting purchase.

Next up are Secret Garden - Earthsongs (new age), Ill Niño - Confession (hard rock), and JC Chasez - Schizophrenic (electronic pop). I know exactly what to expect from Earthsongs; it will be exactly like all of Secret Garden's previous albums. Confession will probably be mediocre. I don't know what to think about Schizophrenic. Once I'm finished with those, I'll hopefully be able to move on to a couple CDs that I've been looking forward to for a long time, like Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine, and Shakira - Fijacion Oral Vol. 1.


Henry Schimke said...

On Torrini: I am sadly forced to agree with you. I liked her previous CD more (although still not a lot).

I'm hoping (oddly enough) that the Sneaker Pimps never happen to have another CD. That would, I think, not turn out well.

Travis said...

Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I feel about Torrini. I liked her previous CD enough that I figured that a sophomore effort would be better. I was wrong.

The Sneaker Pimps are currently reorganizing their band, looking for a new female vocalist and bass player. I still have faith in them putting out good music. They're also remastering Becoming X and Splinter into higher-quality 5.1 recordings, and re-recording the vocals for Splinter. That should be interesting. Might be only the second time I've ever paid for the same album twice on purpose. (The first was buying the Japanese version of Enya's A Day Without Rain because it had an additional track not available as a single.)

Luke said...

In what format do they intend to release these 5.1 recordings?

Travis said...

DVD-Video, sadly. I still may be interested if they sound interesting (more the Splinter one than the Becoming X one), but it's probably not too likely that I'd buy them, given how overall useless a DVD is compared to a CD.