Thursday, October 20, 2005

I just want to kill things

I hate when games include real-life guns and don't provide any useful way to distinguish between them if you don't know which ones are good at what. Is the ARF-298B a good medium-range weapon that won't be effective at long range? Unless the models and sounds are very good, I'll never know unless I find some website somewhere and look it up. I don't even know what exactly counts as a rifle (I just think "long, slender gun"), let alone know which guns are best for which situations. The Doom, Unreal, and Wolfenstein series did excellent jobs at letting me know which weapons were best suited for which tasks. The Half-Life series did a pretty good job. A ton of games do a terrible job, just assuming that you know this stuff already. I think that Counter-Strike is the worst example of this that I've ever seen; if you don't have knowledge of modern firearms you're pretty much worthless at buying equipment. (Maybe it's better now; it's been years since I've played, for good reason.)


Luke said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that starting around Beta 12 or something they had decent descriptions of the weapons. Pretty much the same time that they eliminated the keyboard-only interface to the "buy" system. And, of course, we're on Source now, and I do think it addresses your concern -- not that you'd like the gameplay any better than you did before! :)

Kerjo said...

I don't know...that graphical menu makes me pretty sad.

The transition from downloadable mod to retail version made me even sadder. The loss of _real_ gun names was awful for me.