Monday, October 3, 2005

I can quit anytime I like

Louise: Did you hear what I caught Travis playing?
Dante: What?
Louise: Guild Wars.
Dante: (gasps) Travis!
Me: It was only the first zone, I swear!
Dante: Listen, if we see EverQuest on your computer, we're holding an intervention.
Me: I can quit anytime I like.

Oh, like they're ones to talk. They each have like eight characters in World of Warcraft, almost all of which are on the role-playing servers. Nice role models they are. Reactions from other people have been pretty similar:


The number of Os have been approximated, since WOW doesn't save chat logs.

Phil: If we weren't at-will anyway, I'd suggest you go ahead and give your two weeks' notice right now.

I really don't intend to play it much more right now. I think I might be in the mood for some Monkey Island; I haven't played the fourth game yet. Either that or Pariah. I don't want to play Guild Wars by myself or with random people on the interwebs. And, as handy as those computer-controlled party members may be, those moochers take way too much of my XP.

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