Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fairly little to do with face painting

I've never been a sports fan. Yes, I'm sure that's a huge shock to some of you. I just don't find watching or playing sports all that interesting for the most part, though I admit that I always did like floor hockey and water volleyball, and I enjoyed the one and only baseball game I ever went to (Mariners). I don't even like bowling, the sport that's only a sport in the wildest reaches of the imagination. Despite living in Lincoln for 22 years and going to UNL for four of those, I've never been to a Husker football game, though I've watched a couple.

Neither of my parents are big into sports either. My dad tends to follow football and basketball on a high level, but besides wrestling, he rarely watches. An interesting theoretical question is whether I would have liked sports had they been bigger sports fans. I'm not talking about some genetic disposition to liking sports; just the simple fact of living with sports fans seems like an environmental factor that would lead to me enjoying sports. I don't really feel like I would—in fact, I imagine that I might even resent sports in all their forms even more—but then again, if I lived with two sports maniacs for eighteen years, I'd be a very different person. It's hard to imagine painting my face or screaming at a TV, but maybe if things had been different, I'd be different too.

I was on a soccer team for a year; have I ever mentioned that? I really hated it. I played defense, and I was maybe a hair above average. I did a decent job at keeping the goalie bored. I was awful at anything but defense, so I quickly found myself in a rut. My legs have always been far more useful in any kind of physical activity than my arms, so soccer sort of fit. Boy, those are some memories I must have blocked out pretty effectively, because I barely remember it. Our team colors were light blue and red. Or, maybe all of the teams were light blue and red; our uniforms were reversible. I don't recall the specifics...

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