Thursday, October 13, 2005

A failed experiment

Before today, I stored my audio CDs in binders and their jewel cases in wire racks. Today, I have given up on the binders. They really don't make sense. I don't take audio CDs anywhere or do anything with them after I get them; they just sit there. It's silly to keep the CD separate from the case. Now, movies and games, they still make sense. I can take my movie collection over to someone's house in one binder, which is incredibly convenient. I do the same for TV on DVD, of which I have far more discs than movies. It also makes sense for games, since games come in boxes that are far larger than a CD or DVD case.

Well, the insanity stops here. I've even been able to control my anal tendencies—so far—by not immediately emptying the binders and resorting my CD cases. Right now I'm okay with everything being in such a random and haphazard manner.


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of those things that everyone flips back and forth on. I have gone both ways and I know of someone else who had this same situation last summer. :-) Perhaps they should devise a binder that lets you keep cases.

Travis said...

Holy crap no. It took me like five hours hours just to get my CDs the way they are now. No way I'm flip-flopping on something like that.