Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Disaster preparedness

Even though I was joking in my previous post, I did decide to back up this morning. Nero BackItUp makes it really easy; it's much nicer than just manually copying files or trying to work with the painful built-in Windows backup tool designed for tape drives. I had 2 GB of data that hadn't been backed up since May when I last did. Two gigabytes. On one hand, it's great that that easily all fits on a single DVD. On the other hand, that's two gigabytes of documents and source code and stuff I may very well have lost in the case of catastrophe. That's not backup music or saved games or programs or anything like that; it's just my own photos, documents, source code, and the like.

Yikes. I need to remember to back up more often. Once I get a new computer I'll use this one as a media server and network backup machine, and then I can just periodically make offsite backups from that, but at least I won't have to remember to back up nearly as much.

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