Sunday, October 2, 2005

The Chronicles of Travis' Vacation, day 9

The last day of my vacation was roughly as it should be: lazy. After I dropped off the rental car ($20 cab fare back; ouch), I did basically nothing but watch Firefly. It was great.

Kudos to Sci-Fi for running nearly the entire series last week. When I heard that it was a "western in space," I kind of assumed that the "western" thing was metaphorical. From a guy who doesn't like westerns, it's a damned entertaining show, and at this point I'm sure the movie will be great. After seeing about ten episodes (not all of them today), it really feels like the main plot line is just getting started, so the movie should be reeeeally eeenteresting.

It kind of reminds me of Dark Angel a little. Futuristic, sorta postapocalyptic world. Girl experimented on by weird, secret government organization, becomes super soldier, meets up with person who wants to help save the world, one mission at a time. Experiments left her brain pretty screwed up. Except, in Firefly, she meets up with a crew of mostly kindhearted criminals, who want to make money, one mission at a time, and super soldier girl is not insanely hot.

The adorable ship's engineer Kaylee also played the coldhearted bitch wife on Wonderfalls. It would have been hard to make the transition had I even realized before now that they were the same person. It would be kind of like Dr. Cox from Scrubs playing the sensitive, quiet boyfriend in some awful romantic comedy.

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