Thursday, September 29, 2005

Random thought of the day

I like my chairs like I like my women: with arms.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, well I prefer chairs without arms. *scratchs head* Maybe this explains something.

Henry Schimke said...

I only have sex with things that can't pick up their own food.


Fuck :-(

Travis said...

Actually, I prefer certain types of chairs without arms. For example, at the dining table, I don't want arms on the chair.

I just said it because I thought it sounded funny. :)

Henry Schimke said...

Yes, actually, I agree. I think that at times it's very nice to have arms on a chair, but a kitchen table is NOT the place for arms on a chair. Nor is it the place for rolley-office chairs. I've been to someones house once, where they did that, it was way weird. I felt like we were having a meeting about dinner.