Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Mars Volta

I've been listening to The Mars Volta, which is a nice addition to the other truly bizarre artists in my music collection. Despite sounding very different, they kind of remind me of Amon Tobin... at least, the adjectives that I would use to describe the two artists/bands are very similar. Loud. Insane. Rhythmic. Unique. Thick. Intense.

The two Mars Volta CDs are each self-contained musical stories, something that's always a pleasant surprise in non-classical music. Because of this, the individual tracks don't often stand out that well by themselves; to get the full effect you need to listen to the whole album. But, some of the songs on the album are still single-worthy, including my favorite of the two albums, L'Via L'Viaquez. That link gets you the under-five-minute radio edit of the over-twelve-minute (!) album track. There are lots of other good free tracks (including Televators, probably my second-favorite song of theirs) on their website at

I don't want to talk about them too much, because I lack vocabulary to adequately describe it, and also because they provide free streams so I don't have to. If you like either one of those tracks above I think you'll enjoy their albums. De-Loused in the Comatorium is my favorite of the two, but Frances the Mute is very good too and includes L'Via L'Viaquez.

If I had 75-minute commutes to and from work, they'd be perfect CDs to drive to.

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