Monday, September 12, 2005

How to make an enchanter happy

I love it when some level 50-something guy comes up to my puny level 27 enchanter, hands me a pile of money, and says "gimme everything you got." Well, actually, it only happened this once, but I'd love it again if it happened again.

I finally caved in and made a macro for my trade-channel advertisement. I stood firm for so long, but I finally got tired of typing the enchantments, costs, and what color they make your weapon glow.

As a profession, I don't make any money with enchanting; in fact, it's quite the money sink. Luckily, I can support my item-disintegrating habits by wheeling and dealing at the auction house. Enchanting does have two huge benefits that I never really thought of before: you can burn all those soulbound quest rewards and replaced equipment for valuable reagents instead of just vendoring them. But, even bigger than that is that you can almost always afford to upgrade your equipment, even if you're just replacing a +8 intellect cloak with a +9 intellect cloak, because you can just disenchant your old one. Depending on how much effort I want to spend on browsing available items, I can always stay decked out in current-level green armor at no real cost, whereas doing that on a non-enchanter would be prohibitively expensive. So, even though I rarely actually sell any enchantments, I still enjoy having an enchanter. Initially I was pretty wary of picking skinning and enchanting as my two primary professions for my mage, but it has worked out really well.

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