Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Goo Gone

I tend to have extremely low expectations for consumer products. I don't know if it's past experience or just general cynicism or both, but I usually don't really expect decent results from much of anything. With that attitude, though, I'm always very pleasantly shocked when something with fairly ridiculous claims actually does what it says it does, and well. Goo Gone is one of those products. It just works so well at precisely what it says it does: effortlessly removing adhesives and sticky stains. It's something that's so difficult and tedious that you just don't expect a product to make it so easy. If this stuff really worked, why wouldn't I have heard of it before a couple years ago? Why isn't it advertised on TV?

Goo Gone is one of those products. Swiffer is another product I expected to suck; now I'm attached to both the wet and the dry cleaning cloths, though not a huge fan of the mop.

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Kerjo said...

Goo Gone was advertised on TV...late night informercials.