Friday, September 2, 2005


I still haven't paid for my furniture; it's still interest-free until next summer. I think I'll pay it off at the beginning of next year. There's no real reason to pay it off early, but it feels kind of odd owing someone so many thousands of dollars.

Once I've paid that off I won't owe anyone anything beyond my monthly bills, and that alone will feel really good. Of course, it's not going to last very long; someday I'm going to move. If they kick me out of my apartment when my lease expires next spring, I'll be much more motivated to get a house or condo, especially now that you can do it with no money down. (They haven't been totally clear on what their plans for renovation are.) I've been saving cash, so I'll be able to make some kind of a down payment, but I'm not really keen on getting into a lifelong loan, even though it really makes more sense in the long run than renting.

Having done the no-car thing for a year now, I'm not feeling too pressed to buy one right away. I know I wouldn't get nearly enough use out of it to make it not insane. When I live so close to work (and I wouldn't want to deal with the horrid traffic anyway) and everything I want can be delivered to me and I don't go anywhere, it seems silly for me to own a car. I didn't miss driving one bit in college, and it's rare that I do here.


Matthew Beermann said...

"There's no real reason to pay it off early." Except that if you did, you'd never pay any interest at all, right?

Travis said...

Well, right; I'm certainly going to pay it off before that big interest hit of $1500 or whatever. But whether I pay it off now or in May makes no difference to them. I'll probably pay it off in March or April and get some padding time.