Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Seeing as Serenity is coming out this Friday, I figured I should be prepared in case I see it, so last Saturday I set basically the entire series of Firefly (the show upon which Serenity is based, in case you are reading this and not a nerd) to record during Sci-Fi's marathon yesterday. I watched the pilot and the following two episodes tonight, and it's not bad. The whole "western in space" thing isn't really my deal, but it could be a lot worse. I'd kind of put it in the same pigeonhole as House and American Dad; it's entertaining, but I wouldn't feel obligated to cry if I missed an episode. My interest is piqued enough to want to see the movie now, which I guess was really the point of Sci-Fi doing the marathon in the first place. Those crafty bastards.

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Kerjo said...

It's really a great series...I watched all of it in two days the first time, and then over the course of a week the second time. this weekend.