Thursday, September 15, 2005

Crosswalk buttons

Usually if there's another person standing in front of a crosswalk when I get there, I don't push the button, because that seems kind of insulting. It's basically saying to that person, "hey, I think you're probably too stupid to have pushed the button before waiting for the light, so I'm going to push it again." But, of course, that ends immediately once I've waited through three green lights waiting for the walk signal, and then I give up on not trying to be insulting for a while.

If a light came on when the button was activated, this thing wouldn't be a problem. Many of the lights around here even have a light, but it's only on when the button is depressed.


Swid said...

I've noticed the same thing as well; it seems that many people don't even notice that such a device exists.

The only reason I can think of for the rampant nonutilization of crosswalk buttons is that some buttons, instead of being the only way to stop traffic, merely make the time that traffic is stopped last a bit longer.

Andy Rutledge said...

And be sure to press the crosswalk button at least five times to ensure that it notices you're there. Pressing it only once will surely not cause it to function properly.

Anonymous said...

You need to make sure you press it an odd number of times because they're toggle buttons.

Travis said...

This is particularly important for the huge, loud metal buttons. You gotta hit them hard and several times so that people across the street also know that you want to cross the street.