Thursday, September 22, 2005

The company meeting

I decided tonight not to go to the Microsoft 30th anniversary company meeting tomorrow. It's at the Mariners' stadium, Safeco Field... but I'd have to be at work by 8:00. I'm so tired as it is. I'd be sitting in the chilly stands for five hours in a bright yellow Office windbreaker. At least I'd get free lunch.

I decided to just work during that time. I've still got a decent amount of stuff I'd like to get done before I start my vacation on Saturday, and cutting five hours plus travel time to Seattle just isn't worth it, even if I get to see the Bill Gates / Napoleon Dynamite video on the big screen. I'd rather use that time to sleep in a little, get stuff done, and maybe leave work at a reasonable time, not having to think about work for another week and a half.

Of course, that practically guarantees that it will be a lot of fun. Last year's was interesting, though a bit dorky at times during the "entertainment" sections. Oh well; I'm sure I can get a synopsis of the actual content parts.

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