Friday, September 23, 2005

The company meeting through PIP

I've been running the company meeting through Windows Media Player's little popup picture-in-picture feature, which has worked out pretty well for me. It's definitely a productivity drain, but the number of people who stop by my office to talk to my officemate (grrr, still don't have my own office) and myself is a huge one I haven't had to worry about today while everyone's off at Safeco Field, so it's kind of evened out. I'm happy with my decision to not attend the company meeting in person; it's been very handy to be able to turn off the sound when the VP of Human Resources comes on, or when the American Idol-like singing competition resumes. From the looks of it, some employee is DJing right now, and I'm sure it's awful, but I don't have to know for sure. Not long ago, Jim Allchin (the Windows head honcho) was demoing the Vista edition of Media Center, which looks pretty hot, and Windows Media Player, which also looks hot but I'll continue to pretty much never use it.

I can only assume that the next time I'll use the PIP feature is when the next company meeting comes around. Now I can see that Steve Ballmer is up on stage, so it's time to turn up the sound and listen to the bald man scream.


Kerjo said...

Wait, what picture in picture? How do I turn that on (if I even have it).

Travis said...

The in-taskbar player can be expanded to provide sort of a picture-in-picture display of the video you're playing.

1. Right-click on the taskbar, click Toolbars, and then ensure that Windows Media Player is checked.
2. Start a video and then minimize it. It minimizes to a small toolbar instead of a taskbar button.
3. Click the miniscule < > button in the upper-right of that tiny window.

Sometimes it says that you might have to restart your computer (for some insane reason), but I've never had to.