Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Chronicles of Travis' Vacation, days 4 and 5

(Day 4 was yesterday, and day 5 is today.)

Not a lot happened yesterday. Got a haircut, patronized various establishments that sell consumer goods, and so forth. I planned my trip for today. There was, of course, World of Warcraft in the evening. Then, after that, I sent into work to print out some maps, when I came across a startling discovery:

Olympic National Park is very, very far away. Much further than I thought.

Apparently I grossly miscalculated how long it was going to take to get to get there. Based on the crude scale at the bottom of the MapPoint window, I figured an hour. Wrong; try again. Three hours. I wanted to get there one hour before sunrise so I could find a good spot. That means that I would have to leave home at three in the morning. It was one when Marc and I finished dispatching those ghouls in Raven Hill Cemetary, and two by the time I had maps printed. That gave me a solid 30-45 minutes to sleep.

So, that didn't happen. I skipped the whole "being in a national park before sunrise" bit and left home at 10 instead of 3. All in all, I spent six hours driving and three hours walking around the Bloedel Reserve. Neat place; it would have been far more interesting in spring, though. Though many of the leaves in this part of the state have already turned, not so closer to the Pacific coast, it seems. Was it worth my ten bucks? Yeah, sure. Was it worth ten bucks, six hours of driving, thirty bucks worth of rental car, and half a tank of gas? Absolutely not.

I really hate traveling. I don't mind periodic short trips, and Segwaying to and from work for eight minutes each way each weekday is still a pleasure. But it still always feels like a waste of time. I could have had way more fun in nine hours than I did poking around a nature reserve. I could have gone to a store, bought a game, played it for eight and a half hours, and thrown it away. I could have rented five movies... I've got a huge list of movies that I never managed to see but would still like to. Now that I've gotten myself into a lifestyle where I don't have to travel anywhere, it's even harder to accept all that wasted time and money. When I do need to go somewhere, there's always the Segway, the bus, and my legs.

I sort of feel like I "should" do things that take place outside of a 10-mile radius from my home more often, but it's usually disappointing. Anyway, Bloedel was cool, and I may go back again some Spring, but probably not alone, and I'll probably take the bus, a ferry, and a taxi next time, which combined would be less expensive than just the fuel I expended today.

So, anyway, that's done. I had originally planned on getting those sunrise photos tomorrow, but I'm way too tired. I'm more exhausted than I normally am even during the week. I had really thought that I was going to catch up on my sleep, but I've been getting even less than normal. I need to correct this; I'm walking around with a permanent headache and eye-ache, always yawning, and probably more irritable than usual.


Anonymous said...

Your careful reflection of how you can best spend your future time freaks me out.

Anonymous said...

So I'm a little confused...did you actually make it to Olympic National Park, or did you just stop at the Bloedel Reserve? When Steven and I went to Olympic it took 3 hours at most to get to the Hurricane Ridge area from Redmond, but we also took the ferry, so that could be a potential difference.

stack said...

Seasons should generally not be capitalized.

Travis said...

Yeah, you're right, Stack. Not sure why I slipped there. I assume that seasons follow the same rules as Mom and Dog; you capitalize them when you're referring to a specific one as a single entity, but not when you're talking about moms and dogs in general.

I had a specific time that I had to be at Bloedel; 1:00. You have to make an appointment to tour it. I wouldn't have had time to go to Olympic beforehand, and I really didn't want to leave Bloedel at 4:00 and drive another hour to Olympic and get there in the late afternoon. I really wanted to go in the morning.

I didn't take a ferry because it didn't look like it would save too much time, and it was a big mystery item. Since I was on a tight schedule due to my reservation, I didn't want to leave too much up to chance. I also was a bit scared to drive in the Seattle area, to be honest, having not driven in so long, and having driven in a city bigger than Lincoln only once (Bellevue, WA).

Travis said...

Honestly, I'm surprised that "so many" people are reading these long posts. :)