Monday, September 26, 2005

The Chronicles of Travis' Vacation, day 2

Day 2 of my vacation was also quite non-vacationy. I went to Fred Meyer, a local Wal-Marty store, and picked up some random things that I've been putting off, some for six months or more, like a hand mirror, which would have been really handy when I bleached my hair. Without one I have to set up my camera and take a picture of my head with the auto-timer.

I also spent a couple hours trying out Guild Wars, which was more time than I had spent in the game the entire rest of the time I've owned it, since it came out. I can't say anything about the graphics except just agree with everyone else at how incredibly gorgeous they are. I like the fact that it's a bit more automated than World of Warcraft... and I don't. While it's annoying to have to be always facing your opponent in World of Warcraft (you won't automatically turn if they move), now that I've tried it the other way, where you don't have to, I've got mixed feelings. The items that I've gotten in Guild Wars have all been really boring, generic things so far, though GW likes to tease you with uncommon items that had really terrible special abilities, like +10% damage if you're cursed, or +3 armor but only if you're below 20% health, and crap like that. The interface also isn't nearly as refined as World of Warcraft's, though it does have certain nice things about it, such as a lack of clutter, a map that tracks where you've been, and so forth. I am incredibly attached, however, to the ability to teleport around the map as I please. In World of Warcraft you can only teleport to town once per hour (or five times per hour if you're a shaman), and from there you have to take boats, zeppelins, gryphons, bats, hippogryphs, etc. to get to your destination. All very cute, but really annoying after not very long. The fact that I didn't have to spend tons of time walking in Guild Wars is a huge plus to me, especially if I end up playing solo.

It's great that it doesn't have a monthly fee; if it did, I never would have picked it up. As it stands, I'm sure I can easily get my fifty bucks' worth of entertainment out of it. I'm going to have to try to convince Marc to get it. He won't; that would mean paying $15 a month to play WOW a couple days, and $50 to play GW a couple days. That would raise the perceived cost of WOW to the point where it doesn't really seem like it's worth it, and he'll won't want to cancel his account just yet. At least, those were the thoughts that went through my head. I ended up deciding that one good Saturday of Warcraft was worth my $15 a month, even if Blizzard is getting a really good deal out of it, so it wasn't worth closing my account anytime soon.

Anyway, this post was technically about my vacation.

Yesterday, I went to eat dinner with Marc's uncle and aunt and cousin for his birthday. Amusing people. Of course, all of my friends and my brother's friends seem to think that my parents are pretty amusing whenever they see them, but both of my parents are quite different people when company is around. At some point they really started to turn off "parent mode," and became more like "company's over mode" all the time, which was a very pleasant shift. Now that my brother just turned 21, perhaps even moreso. Anyway, I learned that perhaps I should use my wish list as an actual wish list and not just a place to store random items that I found while browsing.

So, that was it for yesterday. Today I've got lunch with a coworker's wife, I'm going to schedule most of the rest of my vacation so I don't just do nothing every day, and then a little card and hex game called Heroes of Might and Magic shows up. It sounds like the beta of Heroes of Might and Magic V has been delayed a week or so, so if I get in it probably won't arrive this week, which is maybe a mixed blessing...

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Luke said...

"Without one I have to set up my camera and take a picture of my head with the auto-timer."

Lol! MOST awesome!