Monday, August 29, 2005

Subject to annoyance

I hate it when people send emails without subject lines, but I hate it just as much when people send emails without a message body. People at Microsoft use (end of message) at the end of the subject line to indicate that there's no body, and the rest of the world often uses -NT (no text) to indicate the same thing. Both of these annoy me, because I miss them. I'm so used to seeing stupid crap in subject lines at this point that I just filter it out. It's gotten worse since starting at Microsoft because dumb little text tags are used everywhere. It's reached a level of absurdity where the title of every bug in the FrontPage product starts with the four characters "FP: ". Oh, really? A FrontPage bug in the FrontPage bug database? Thanks for the helpful info! I never would have guessed that, or that a bug assigned to me might be in FrontPage. Crap like this is everywhere, and it's caused me to ignore abbreviations and tags in the subject lines of everything. But anyway, that's a side note. People who don't use the message body annoy me. I often find myself wondering where the message is; why hasn't it downloaded from the server yet?

The reason for all of this is that I just got a tech support email where a person tried to pack an entire message into the subject line, despite the "subject" box being tiny and the "message" box being huge. The result?

Download complete, was involved in doing a word list, s"saved", as suggested then found myself back in a jam of set-up. Help! I just want my word-list back!!

I don't even know what that means. That got translated into "I lost the word list file I saved," which is what I will actually respond to. I seem to have a pretty decent track record with guessing what peoples' wacky, nondescriptive sentence fragments were intended to mean.

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