Monday, August 1, 2005

Sleepless again

I tried, and I failed. Saturday night, I didn't set my alarm, deciding just to sleep until I felt like waking up. This was about eleven hours. But, now it's 2:00, and I'm already taking my first steps into the familiar realm of sleep deprivation.

In fact, I'm not sure what I was thinking. I was very much planning to go to sleep at midnight. I remember it being about 11:55, checking in some code for tomorrow's build. I sent a couple emails, and then it was midnight. But then, for some reason, it became 12:45, and instead of rushing to bed, I started up World of Warcraft. I don't even remember those 45 minutes; it's as if they didn't happen. I had planned to just check my auctions and log off, and yet I managed to stay on for an hour. Sigh.

Thanks to my extended sleep last night, though, I did actually dream, and I remembered the dream when I woke up. It's been a long time since I remember dreaming last. This one was unusual because it wasn't insane, didn't involve me dying, almost dying, or running for my life, and lasted for more than fifteen seconds. That would be unusual enough, but even weirder is that it was romantic. There was a date, at Disneyland, a place I have never been... and for some reason my parents were with us (sigh). At some point we left them there, and ended up near a brook sitting under a rock cliff on a wooden ledge that someone had conveniently built. It was strangely reminiscent of a place I visited in Ireland... except with a wooden ledge. We cuddled, for some reason looking through a coffee table book of photos of the place we were in. The dream ended as we were going to kiss, I guess because my subconscious had reached its limit of details that it could extrapolate.

I can actually remember every single dream that I've had (and remembered in the morning) that had any kind of remotely romantic or sexual content... and that was just my third. In one, a friend of mine was nervously hitting on me; in another, I decided to make out with a very drunk girl at a party, and then there was this one. All in the last five years, and all countable on one hand, even after an industrial accident or two.

When I was a lot younger—like, before 10—I had many recurring dreams about this weird couple who were either severe burn victims, or the devil and his wife, or something similar. All I know is that their entire bodies were seared beyond recognition, they were bright, shiny red, and they smelled like hot dogs. They were nice people, though; I would always meet them in my great-grandparents' house, usually their kitchen. And, they were always naked, and they had far more genitalia than a normal human would have. There was nothing sexual at all about it; they just happened to always be naked... and have lots of genitals. I'm not sure what the significance of that was, but those dreams ended before I hit 10; probably around 8 or so. Anyway, I don't count those (or the clich├ęd naked-at-school dreams that I had many of) as "remotely sexual content," which leaves me with those three I mentioned earlier.

As I understand it, that's far from typical. But, that phrase describes my dreams anyway.

Blogging isn't helping my sleep schedule. I'm always full of ideas (blogworthy or otherwise) at the end of the day. There go another twenty minutes I could have used to ache less tomorrow.

(And, no, I'm not telling you who it was. Almost certainly no one you know anyway.)


Henry Schimke said...

Oh god, I hope it was me...

Travis said...

Henry, that would have been enough for me to call in sick today.