Thursday, August 4, 2005

Paint it black

I used to dislike the color black. Quite a bit, actually. It didn't help that it was such a popular color; all middle-school guys love black. Now, though—as of the past year or two, really—I've come to really appreciate it.

Still not for informal clothing, though. Black jeans are just... no.

I'd actually consider black to be one of my favorite colors now... blue is still #1, and I still love brushed aluminum, if you call that a color. I think that black is #3 now. Wood would be next, though calling "wood" a color is really stretching definitions.

Just about everything in my apartment is black, brushed metal, or wood now.

On a barely-related note, one thing I've noticed is that almost every room in an apartment, house, or condo that I've been in since coming out here has had white walls. My officemate's condo has some yellow and blue walls. I can't even think of any other non-white walls. It seemed to be a lot more common in Nebraska, but maybe it's just a matter of being in a lot more houses versus apartments back there.

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