Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Money vacuum

I have not yet been able to shake the idea of buying a display case of the Heroes of Might and Magic card and tile game. The question that it really boils down to is this:

  • If I just buy two copies (four decks and plenty of terrain), will the agony of not owning cards from at least two of the six factions—perhaps even my two favorites—be worth the sixty dollars I'd save? Sixty bucks is a nice chunk of money.

To determine the answer to this, I need information that I do not have: I need to know if the game is fun or not. If it sucks, it's probably worth sixty bucks to just stay with a couple copies. If it's good, I'd never be able to live with myself for not owning all of the factions, because it's Heroes of Might and Magic, dammit. I can't find out if it's good beforehand, because no one else is going to buy it.

So, here's the sensible plan, as I see it: buy the display case. Remove two copies, the number that I'd like to own if the same sucks. Play the game with a few people. If it's just abysmal, sell the rest on eBay. That's the solution that minimizes both chunks of sadness: the sadness of paying too much for something that sucks, and the sadness of liking the game but not having the parts that I want. Assuming some kind of small discount for buying a whole case, I figure I'm mainly only out a bit of time if I have to eBay them. Maybe I could even just sell them directly to people on boardgamegeek and save some effort.

I guess that's how my mind works: when faced with a choice where I cannot predict the amount of happiness that I will receive from either of my two best options because of insufficient data, find a plan that best mitigates risks of unhappiness. Sometimes it really helps to think these things through out loud. Thanks for letting me unload, guys.

I'm a horrible person.

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