Friday, August 12, 2005

Heroes of Might and Magic

Oh, and there's a Heroes of Might and Magic tile and card game coming out in a week and a half. I'm ecstatic. The tiles themselves look quite bad, and the cards decently reuse a ton of art from the fourth game but aren't anything special. The gameplay looks interesting, though. I always hoped for a Heroes board game of some sort, and always feared that it would be extremely fiddly and mathematical. I've read the rules to this one, and they seem to have avoided that, though the advanced rules (with morale, luck, terrain bonuses, and the whole shebang) are there if you want more numbers to add and subtract.

The downside, of course, is that you don't get a whole set when you buy the game. It's technically a collectible card game, but unlike others, the cards are all the same rarity and are supposed to be roughly equally powered. When you buy a set (tiles plus two decks) you only get two sides out of the available six, and you don't know which ones you're getting. You also only get enough for two players. So, I fear that I'm going to have to buy several copies, which I will, because it says "Heroes of Might and Magic" on the box.

If I were to buy two copies, I'd be almost guaranteed to get one of the three factions I like best from the computer game: Life, Order, and Nature. (The other three are Chaos, Death, and Might.) That would give me enough to play with four players. If I were to buy three copies I'd be set to play with six. But, what scares me is that I'm actually still considering buying a display case of six copies, which does guarantee that I get one of each of the six factions, and should theoretically leave me with a couple copies to sell off on eBay to bring the price back down. This doesn't subconsciously register to my brain as a warning flag before insanity because of a genetic disorder I received from both of my parents that forces me to collect things. My first thought is really just "of course I need to get a display box; if I don't, I might not get all six factions!"

I guess I have to decide if having all six factions is important to me or not, or if I could just live with fewer, since in reality it's not like I'm likely to play this game a ton. I can already tell you now that I will decide that it is, because it's Heroes of Might and Magic and deserves my money, but I like to pretend that there's more to the decision-making process than the title of the game and a read through the longer-than-I-expected rulebook.


Matthew Beermann said...

Feel free to send a copy of the game (the computer game, even) my way some day... I've never played it, and can't recall even having seen it.

Travis said...

Just track down a demo of Heroes of Might and Magic III or IV. It's an absolutely incredible series of games. I'm not sure that IV has a demo, but III definitely does.

It's turn-based fantasy strategy, with a lot more RPG elements in IV than previous versions. There are three distinct parts of the game: the "adventure map," on which you capture territory and useful locations such as mines, the turn-based tactical combat, and town management.

Travis said...

It's also a great laptop game if you've got a while, since you can just play a single self-contained scenario. I keep it installed on my tablet (and my JDE laptop, way back when) at all times.

You can pick up any game in the series for about ten bucks now. It's worth it if you find the demo remotely interesting.