Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy, stupid

Sometimes stupid things make me happy... things that maybe shouldn't make me happy at all. I'm happy that I own at least one copy of every track released by Enya, even B-sides that were only available on one single in one country. I'm happy that I have all nine seasons of The X-Files on DVD. I'm happy when I find a new font that I like. I'm happy just hearing about an upcoming release of something in a series that I like, be it a Family Guy movie, a Heroes of Might and Magic game, or a Half-Life 2 expansion.

My instinct is to analyze and eliminate stupid things, because, well, that's what I do. Taking an example from recent posts, having a desire to own decks for all six factions in the Heroes of Might and Magic card and tile game, a game I've never played and might not even be good, is pretty silly. But I know that I'll be happier if I actually do own all six, because I know me pretty well. If I listened to the voice of reason and didn't buy a display case of the game, then I'd almost certainly be less happy in the end. So maybe it's inherently stupid to try to avoid being entertained by stupid things. Trying not to be entertained by stupid things would, at best, reduce the number of ways that I can find happiness, and perhaps give me more energy and resources to find other things that would make me happy.

Maybe there's a point where I'm finding things that amuse me at a certain rate... a rate where if I avoid doing those things, hoping for something even more interesting to come along, there wouldn't immediately be something fun to take its place. Of course, you could never measure that. Anyway, I'm pretty darn happy doing things the way I'm doing them. I can't imagine being much happier given my current position in life and status and finances. So, it seems to stand to reason that I might as well continue being amused by silly things.

I seem to have a nice balance of reasonable things that interest me and stupid stuff that I find entertaining. That seems sustainable, and it makes me happy. So, I should probably stop trying to pretend that I don't like Enya and fonts and Heroes of Might and Magic. Just give in. Of course, maybe that little pillar of logic is the only thing holding me up, and without it, I'll just crumble into a rubble pile of insanity.

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