Tuesday, August 16, 2005

For the Horde

I was just in a game of Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft (that's the blatant cue for most of you to leave), and it actually ended, something that I've never experienced before. I've spent four hours on a Saturday playing with no significant progress to speak of, but tonight we went from just a little bit ahead when I joined to defeating the Alliance general an hour later.

Still way more interesting to me than Warsong Gulch, though I've found Warsong to have its moments when both sides are talented. Alterac just seems more exciting; you fight hard, you die, you respawn, and you run straight to the battle with thirty other people. As long as you don't let too many of the enemy through the front lines, you rarely have to worry too much about playing defense, and you're almost always in a big group. Non-stop carnage at the front lines. In Warsong you've often got to have people at the flag, and the side skirmishes are often 2-2 or 3-1, and are just a distraction from the real game. This happens in Alterac too, but seems to happen less, and even when it does, it's mostly irrelevant, because it's not a quarter of your entire team in a bar fight on the side of the map. Class imbalances and "odd" teams don't matter as much when there are 40 people per side versus 10 per side. And, of course, Warsong has nothing that compares to summoning an ice giant or equipping a squad of wolf riders to fight for your cause.

Too bad Alterac is almost never up.

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