Monday, July 4, 2005


I've watched a few episodes of Wonderfalls, which comes recommended to me by and several of my readers, and I'm liking it so far. Someone likened it to Amélie: the TV show, and I can definitely see how. It's got a lot of the same funny quirkiness, but a bit darker and more sarcastic, which is nice, of course. Hey, who doesn't want to get in the car with Dad, buckle up, and then hear him say, "hey, did you know that our basic cable comes with lesbian porn?"

I guess I can kinda see why it didn't do well on TV. I mean, it was on Fox, for one. And, well, maybe that's the main problem. It's kind of like Early Edition, a show that I didn't think was too bad, though it was kind of bland at times. The difference is that Wonderfalls isn't family-friendly and sanitized like Early Edition was. The similarities are there: a kinda cutesy comedy where a normal person gains the ability to help others through a bizarre means (getting tomorrow's newspaper today vs. being spoken to by inanimate objects). It just doesn't seem like it really fits in with Fox, but I can't really see that it fits much better with any of the other networks. It actually strikes me as something that would fit on UPN, which is about as good of a kiss of death as any.

Previews of shows never really entice me unless I'm already watching the show. I still remember the previews for Wonderfalls and House, and neither really compelled me to watch. It seems like maybe it would be more effective if they would just show a single 15-second clip of the show, edited for length, instead of ten 1.5-second clips like you usually see. Or, maybe they could have just showed a 1.5-second clip of the phrase "lesbian porn" and then show the Wonderfalls logo.


Anonymous said...

I love Wonderfalls. So many quotable moments. We watched all 13 episodes a couple weekends ago.

[Jaye has a bruise under one eye]
Mahandra: What happened to you?
Jaye: I got into a fight with a middle-aged Texas hausfrau in the course of performing a good deed.
Mahandra: Why were you doing a good deed?
Jaye: I wanted to see what it felt like.

From another episode:
Jaye: I guess I thought if I could just get my sister laid the little wax lion might just shutup.
Eric: The wax lion wanted your sister to have sex?
Jaye: I'm assuming.
Eric: Does the little wax lion ever tell you to burn things or hurt people?
Jaye: I bet he's working up to that...

Plus, I like when a pink flamingo says "Get off your ass." (And then Jaye accidentally runs over her father.)

Henry Schimke said...

Hmm, should I see this show?

Travis said...

Hmmm, I think you may enjoy it. It's hard for me to guess what sorts of things you might like, though. It sort of seems like anyone who likes both Amélie and sarcasm would probably like Wonderfalls.