Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls

It's kinda funny when you hear the full version of a TV show's theme song for the first time (if the show's theme has a full version). The part after the first minute often just sucks so, so much. Most recent case in point is I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls, the Wonderfalls theme song. It's on the DVD. Basically every part of the song that isn't exactly like the few seconds that they use in the show's opening credits is just painful. And, as much as people complained about the Enterprise theme song—which I grew to accept, until they changed it in the fourth season and made it even worse—the full song is just an assault on your senses.

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Henry Schimke said...

I'll agree with you on that, in most cases I find that theme songs are picked _because_ they can be snipped up and the song actually benefits.