Saturday, July 23, 2005

Gigabytes and gigabytes

I was over at a friend's house for the day, and the topic of DVRs came up. Then someone mentioned the Media Center.

Mike: The Media Center PC is just great. The DVR is way better than the Comcast one or TiVo, and it plays DVDs better than a DVD player. I've got all my music on there. Plus, it's got links right on the main screen for your porn, both pictures and videos.
Me: The problem with that is that they put links to the last three things you looked at right on the main screen when you arrow down to Pictures or Videos, so when Mom comes over...
Mike: Yeah, they didn't really think the privacy issue through.
Peter: Well, it could be good for other things.
Mike: Like what?
Peter: Well, vacation photos.
Mike: Yeah, 'cause I've got gigs and gigs of vacation photos.
Jack: I could really use a vacation.

Later, the privacy issue surfaces again.

Peter: So, I was looking through my son's closet, and I found a watermelon. A whole watermelon. I wonder what that's about.
Mike: Did it have syringe holes?
Peter: What? Why?
Mike: Vodka. You poke a few holes in a watermelon, and then slowly pump it with vodka. Let it sit for a day so the vodka distributes evenly, and then you've got a great dessert.
Peter: Oh. I don't think it's that. He knows I'm going to look through his closet, because last time I did I found pot in there. Why would he be hiding a watermelon?
Mike: I really bet it's full of vodka, or going to be.
Marc: Maybe it's a distraction. He had to take the watermelon out of the fridge to make room for the pot. Maybe it's in the vegetable crisper.
Me: You'd never find it there!
Jack: Well, I heard that when you're in Texas, you should watch out for watermelons with holes in the side. 'Cause.
Mike: No way; that's got to be an urban legend. Watermelons are abrasive.
Jack: Maybe they're softer in Texas.
Peter: Alright, alright...

(Conversations to the best of my recollection...)