Sunday, June 19, 2005


I've got this system that helps me remember things. I put unusual objects—often objects I do not normally interact with—next to objects that I use a lot. For example, when I need to start the dishwasher, and it's 10:00 at night already, I put the box of detergent next to my wallet. Sometimes I don't even need to use a relevant object. If I want to make sure that I wake up at a certain time and don't shut off my alarm clock, I can put something like a business card or sticky note in my phone and set an alarm on my phone. The phone itself may not always be enough to wake me up, but I'll always notice that weird object in the phone, and that will keep me awake long enough to not fall back asleep. I seem to tend to sleepwalk to turn off alarm clocks, but if I do something like this to make things unusual, I'll wake up. Unfortunately, I have to keep thinking of new, creative things to wake myself. It used to be that all I had to do was put the alarm clock where it couldn't be reached from bed. Now I've actually put my alarm with a sticky note over the off switch, and I'll still turn it off without being fully conscious. I've had to start using my alarm clock and my phone in another room to wake up sometimes. Of course, this would probably be less of an issue if I got an appropriate amount of sleep.

Which reminds me...

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