Sunday, June 5, 2005


I'm there... I have reached the elusive maximum level in World of Warcraft: level 60. Marc and I hit 60 within a few minutes of each other. There were dangerous fireworks from Scarlet Monastery. There was mead. There was a /flirt and a /hug. It was... anticlimactic, to tell you the truth. Just the same level-up we'd seen 58 other times. Then the realization set in just a little bit further, at least for me, that I have put a lot of time into this game. And I'm still pretty excited about it.

I've put about 350 hours into Vger, my level 60 troll shaman. That's to say nothing of my level 51 night elf druid that I started first and have nearly abandoned. Probably another 250 there. That time has been worth it. (Not that many things have I spent 600 hours on.) The game's not over, though. There is still a surprising amount of content that I have yet to discover, even though I won't continue to accrue XP. Also, I'd still like to try out a few other classes, too, though I don't have any intention of playing most of them for all that long; I just want to get a feel for them. But, there's more to do than World of Warcraft... I have a backlog of other games that I'd really like to play, and I've already sort of started the Doom 3 expansion.

A couple hundred more gold and I can get a nice white elite raptor...

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