Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am absolutely sick of passwords. There is no good reason that I should have to enter a username and password for anything more than once anymore. I shouldn't need to do it to check webmail from my home PC. I shouldn't need to do it to play World of Warcraft. I shouldn't need to do it to log into websites. It just doesn't make any sense. How entrenched are we that we aren't making significant progress in this?

I'm not as angry that I have to use a username and password on smaller, independently-run sites... though there should be a service that provides secure authentication for a low fee. But there's no excuse that I have to use a username and password to access my work mail from my home machine; Microsoft can afford $200 for an SSL certificate. Same with Amazon and eBay.

There are people that, for some reason or another, leave their computers running and logged in and unlocked. They should still be able to set up a secondary password that protects their credentials. But I diligently lock my computer. I shouldn't be forced to deal with it.


clay said...

You should look into a desktop version of this Omnipass software I have on my tablet. It takes your fingerprint (you'll need a scanner) and then proceeds to hijack everything it can recognize as a password dialog and links it to your prints, with the option of never having to ask for it again.

You do need to type the passwords in the first time, of course, but after that it's all linked to the fingerprint scan you log into Windows with.

Travis said...

And, there are things like form fill toolbars for your browser, which will get rid of most of that. But still... it's an important technical problem that is far from being solved, and something as hacky as add-on software is not what I consider "solved."