Thursday, June 16, 2005


One of the tires on my Segway can't hold pressure anymore as of this evening. There's no visible damage, and it looks normal... until you get on it. Maybe I'll get lucky and it's something that can be fixed; the manual mentions checking the flow valve to see if it's come loose; it's very similar to when you get a flat in a car, except you're not depending on the car for balance. I'd kinda figure that if there were a hole in the tire, it would just be flat by now. But, with my luck, it's gone, and I need to shell out a hundred bucks for a new tire, and I'll also need to pick up a torque wrench.

On another transportation-related note, I got my Swift Blue Raptor tonight, Alamar. (My old Violet Raptor was Xeen. If you know why Alamar should follow Xeen, I probably love you.) Let's all welcome Alamar to the family. /golfclap.

No need to remind me that I'm a loser.


Derrick Stolee said...

wikipedia helps a bit. do you love me now?

Travis said...

No; that statement was valid only upon first reading, when you didn't know. It's in the fine print. At best, now we're just friends with benefits.

clay said...

oh, but you do love me, even if I didn't really get into it much until the Mandate.

Travis said...

Ah Clay, of course I love you. Oh how I would love to experience IV and V with that same sense of childlike joy and wonder.