Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wallpaper coordination

At work, I have two machines connected by a KVM (keyboard / video / mouse) switch. When I started, I sometimes found it a bit disorienting trying to remember which computer I was working on, so I decided that my FrontPage development machine would have red wallpaper, and my everything-else machine would have blue wallpaper. I've since extended this scheme to mean that warm colors mean FrontPage and cool colors mean everything-else, but I've stuck with it very consistently over the past year. That should tell you something about me.


Kerjo said...

You have the hots for Frontpage?

Travis said...

Actually, there was a reasoning behind which colors went where. I associate red and black with "bad" and blue, green, white, and yellow with "good." Since the FrontPage machine is where I do most of my real work and the other machine is where I respond to email, write documentation, surf the web, and use instant messenger, the work machine is the "bad" one, so it got the "bad" primary color, red.

Kerjo said...

I think I'll stick with thinking you have the hots for Frontpage :-)