Thursday, May 5, 2005

Trainee spam

You know what's more annoying than regular spam? Well, there's the spam that you get 800 copies of in a single day, all sent to the same address. That's pretty annoying... but it's only happened a few times to me. No, what's really more annoying than regular spam is trainee spam. This is presumably from some person who just bought their first home spamming kit, but they don't really understand anything about email or computers, so they end up sending one or more of the following:
  • Spam with no message body
  • Spam containing replaceable tokens, such as $TO or %%USER_EMAIL%%
  • Spam with a subject of "subject" and a body of "body"

I'm not sure if all of the spam I get that doesn't advertise any sort of product or service or website, and it just a bunch of nonsense words or sentences, is trainee spam. I'd guess that it's more likely to just be probing to see if my address is real. But the examples I listed above must be spam sent by people who are just learning how.

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