Friday, May 27, 2005

Left to my own devices

The PSP is undoubtedly cool, and it's about half the price of my Portable Media Center. But, the PSP doesn't have a hard drive, and that's something that's very important to me... my current 20GB hard drive is too small—I'd ideally like a portable device like the PSP that has a hard drive more in the 40GB+ range. Ironically, the game-playing functionality of the PSP is something I care little about: my top priority is music; being able to store photos grabbed from a CF card would also be huge if such a device existed. Recorded TV sync'ed from my computer like my PMC does (Family Guy on the go!) and games like the PSP has would be nice, but I don't care that much, and I wouldn't be willing to pay much extra for that kind of functionality. I'm still looking for a device that plays music, stores photos, either reads CF cards or would connect to a CF reader, and has a big hard drive. There are lots of devices that come close, but I don't know of any that fits those requirements. If such a thing existed I would covet it greatly.

Update: Someone forwarded to me a link to the Archos Gmini 400, which is almost what I want, but 20GB is still just way too small. 20GB isn't even enough for the selection of music I want to put on (I have to trim things down a lot for my current 20GB device), let alone for any photos I've taken. It doesn't take too long to take two gigs worth of photos when photos are 8MB each. It does have a CF slot, though, which is hot.


Andy Misle said...


Sometimes it's OK to admit that the competition has a better product.

Travis said...

Yeah, the iPod Photo is a pretty close one, but the adapter is just an extra thing that I'd need to carry around in addition to the reader itself. Having to actually carry around the reader is still a huge disadvantage; the Archos product I listed has the reader built-in, which is far more convenient. Also, unless I install some weird unsupported third-party hack, I can only use iTunes to put files on the iPod Photo, something I'm not all that keen on. Plus, I'd ideally like support for WMAs, though that's another minor thing like game support.

The Archos product I linked to has the iPod Photo beat in just about every respect except for size and capacity. The capacity I care about a lot; the size I don't... my current player is already a battleship. But, the Archos didn't exist back when I was considering getting one of these things, and the iPod Photo was still something I was considering until the unique circumstances arose in which I got a basically-free Creative Zen Portable Media Center.