Saturday, May 21, 2005

Humor is proportional to spare time

All of the developers in Office are very busy at the moment. I am mostly around developers in Office. When people are busy, they have less spare time by definition. When people have less spare time, they are less happy. When people are less happy, they are less funny. When people around me are less funny, I become less funny.

Therefore, when Office is in crunch mode, I am less humorous. Hmmm. That at least checks out.


Kerjo said...

But being in crunch mode should offer many more opportunites for humor, such as joking at the current situation, or how so-and-so acts when stressed.

Travis said...

Uh-huh, and did you observe this behavior in Kauffman? Didn't think so. People back in school were both depressed and depressing in crunch mode for the most part, it seemed. Everyone here is burned out, and about the only positive effect is that everyone's threshhold for humor is so low that practically everything's funny. But, what's funny to an exhausted software developer on your team is not necessarily funny to the rest of the world.