Sunday, May 29, 2005

A bad day for entertainment

Yesterday, I was waiting on mail from a couple of my coworkers and there wasn't anything I had to do until they mailed me, so I stayed at home and watched some movies. I wasn't feeling all that great (seems to happen the first time it gets hot each year), so it seemed appropriate. I picked a bad set of things to watch.

First, Garden State. I already blogged about that.

Still not feeling well, I decided to watch Kids a bit later, which was the only other movie I had around that I haven't seen before. Wow, again, not a great choice. The movie's about a bunch of misbehaving teenage kids in a bleak urban environment; I won't go into the plot. The movie was okay, but again not at all what I really wanted to see right then.

Still feeling feverish, with another hour until my laundry finished, I decided to put in the next episode of Voyager (I'm finishing up season five out of seven; I never saw much of it when it was on TV since there was no UPN available in Lincoln). Star Trek's generally pretty positive. So, how unfortunate it was that the next episode in line was one in which the crew discovers that they aren't the actual Voyager crew at all; they're the duplicates that were created in an episode a while back, "Demon." As they became more and more like their source material, they forgot that they weren't actually the people they thought they were. Spoiler: they all die at the end. All of them.

Anyway, bad choices all around. I should have just put in a Simpsons DVD or something. No new episodes of anything tonight. Now that's depressing.


Brad Smith said...

KOLN/KGIN will be starting a second station in the fall in Lincoln that will be UPN.

Travis said...

Throwing their money away, eh?