Saturday, May 28, 2005

72 hours of vespene gas

I just got a spam with the subject (spelling and grammar corrected) "Can you last 36 hours?" 36? Easy. I did 72 hours once. Yep, many years ago, the rest of my family decided that they would vacation in Utah and New Mexico. Much of those places being rather uninhabitable, I asked to stay home, and to my surprise, they accepted. (After this, I asked if I could have some share of the vacation budget to spend; they shot that down.) So, what does a teenager do with about eleven days with a house to himself? He sees how long he can play Starcraft without sleeping. It turns out that it's about 72 hours, thanks in part to the magic of Diet Mountain Dew, a beverage I used to be somewhat indifferent to but now hate. I still ate meals at roughly normal times, and I showered once in there somewhere, but out of those three days, I spent at least sixty hours playing Starcraft, probably closer to sixty-five.

[Somewhat rambling reminiscing]
Starcraft was released on March 31, 1998, so this must have been the summer of 1998, because I got it right when it came out, being from Blizzard and all. So, I was a few months past 16 then, which sounds right, because my parents left a car for me. It's funny that I played Starcraft so much, and made so many maps and campaigns for it, and then never played the expansion, Brood War, released just in time for my birthday that year. Brood War must have simply come out too late, and I was playing something else by then, and didn't feel like going back to Starcraft. (This was probably Half-Life... but it also could have been Dungeon Keeper or Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, going by the Moby Games 1998 list.) I even bought Brood War a few years ago with the intention of trying it out, but then something newer and more exciting was released, and once again it was pushed aside. Starcraft is one game that I actually own multiple licenses to, which is somewhat silly: this is the case with Might and Magic IV: Clouds of XEEN, Might and Magic V: Darkside of XEEN, and Starcraft, all excellent games. (The second copy of each of those came with a collection of some sort.)

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