Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Widescale infringement

Did the red cross exist as a symbol for first aid and medical help before the Red Cross organization used it for its name and logo, or did it just kind of occur as a generalization of the Red Cross' trademark symbol?


Anonymous said...

This gives some information History, Usage, and Restrictions of the Red Cross Emblem.

Travis said...

Good; I knew someone would do my Googling for me. :)

The grammar and spelling in that article are atrocious. It kind of seems like it was dictated using speech recognition.

I remember that the medpacks in Neverwinter Nights used to have a red cross on them, but they were removed in a patch. I wonder why this doesn't happen in more games... or why it did happen in NWN, since clearly it's a game and a reasonable person can tell the difference between a game and reality...