Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Rites of Atkina

Okay, so here's a wacky one. This is what happens when you manage to get almost a full seven hours of sleep in a night: another weird dream.

I was visiting my parents back in Nebraska. Strangely, I only saw my dad during the dream; usually it's the other way around, and I only see my mom. My brother was also there. I had been challenged by the University of Nebraska chemistry department to the Rites of Atkina. Now, I wasn't sure what this was, but apparently I thought it was important enough to make an emergency trip back to Lincoln. I thought that somehow my degree was on the line... like the chemistry department was having second thoughts about whether I really earned that C average in chemistry.

So then here it was, the day of my Atkina. The trial was to start at 1:30 and end at 2:00, and included (according to my schedule, printed in the standard LaTeX font that I've seen so much) a quiz, a recitation session, and a test. Then I looked at my watch (which I haven't worn in almost a year), and it was 1:27. So, we rushed to my mom's car so I could at least make it in time for the recitation and test, which we assumed were ten minutes each, and that I would probably miss the quiz. And that's where the dream ended, awakened by my alarm clock.

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