Friday, April 22, 2005

More tasty tidbits

More little random things that I feel like sharing:

* I prefer the size of CompactFlash cards to other memory cards. They're the biggest ones that I'm aware of, but they're just a pleasant size to me. Also, I don't worry about breaking them because they're bulky and thick, unlike things like the miniature xD cards my mom's camera uses, which feel like they're made out of tissue paper.

* PayPal scams. I'm still getting these things. Apparently there must be people in the world who are just getting these for the first time and falling for them, because otherwise I don't see what the point of sending them out is.

* My todo list is far too long. I just need to spend a weekend trimming it down (by actually doing the things on it, not just select-all, delete). But, thanks to World of Warcraft, this is unlikely to happen for quite some time. So, I continue to prioritize and procrastinate.

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