Friday, April 22, 2005

More dream stories

Oh! I just remembered right now that I remembered a few hours ago a dream I had a few nights ago. Don't worry; the dream isn't as complicated as that sentence was.

So, in the dream, it was discovered that eggs were getting to consumers having already been fertilized and having tiny, dead little baby chicks in them. Rather than fix the problem, egg producers started blending the insides of the eggs before shipping them off. Somehow this all worked out so that when you opened an egg, you wouldn't know if it was a normal egg, or if it had little bits of pulverized powdered chick in it. The thought of this disturbed me so much that I could no longer eat anything that contained egg in any form, because I was too scared of the prospect of eating powdered-chick without even knowing.

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Anonymous said...

It is not uncommon to find a fertilized egg in the carton. Generally they aren't too far along and there is just a red spot in the egg yolk.