Sunday, April 17, 2005

Doesn't bother me one bit

Recently I spent a good couple hours putting together a banner that I'm pretty proud of. (Perhaps I shouldn't be.) Most of you have seen it, but if you haven't, imagine a mosaic of everything sexual you can imagine, tastefully cropped and arranged so as to be safe for work. A cucumber, hot chicks making out, implied oral sex, a drag queen, hentai, two guys going at it, boxers around the ankles... it's all there. (Sadly, Tubgirl didn't make it into the final image.) ANYWAY, much as I expected, I got a few comments from people wondering how I managed to stomach all of those pictures.

I understand that most people aren't comfortable with sexual images and ideas that don't directly titillate them. What I don't understand is why. I just can't manage to put myself in their shoes. I wish I did. Graphic depictions of every configuration of bodies of any and all genders don't bother me. I'm much more creeped out by the picture that someone sent me of someone biting a popsicle, after I mentioned that I couldn't stand the sight of that. I guess a normal straight guy must feel the same way about seeing a photo of a man pleasuring another man that I do about seeing an eight-year-old girl biting into a frozen confection. I wonder what causes that kind of response in people.

I wonder a lot. It seems to happen even more when it's past time for me to go to bed, which makes it even harder for me to fall asleep. I wonder why that is.

Bonus content—other things that elicit similar reactions in me: That scene in American History X where the man's teeth are placed on the curb. Touching flower blossoms. The smell of cat poop.


Anonymous said...

it stems largely from your very self centered nature which causes, among other things, an inability to empathize with other people.

Travis said...

Perhaps. Or perhaps my inability to empathize with other people causes what you see as my very self-centered nature. I'm not sure that I'd consider myself "very self-centered"... maybe "somewhat," but not "very." This is, after all, a website devoted almost exclusively to me that you're reading. It's probably best not to confuse the wealth of self-centered material on this site with an actual aura of selfishness in real life.

Derrick Stolee said...

you hurt my teeth by just mentioning the popsicle biting