Sunday, April 17, 2005

Demon Days

Through the magic and wonder of AOL Instant Messenger, a RAR file containing the Gorillaz album Demon Days appeared on my desktop today. I was so happy; I didn't know they had put another one together. If I had to choose a registered trademark to describe it, I guess I'd have to pick "I'm lovin' it." It's quirky and cool and fun and has at least one track combining a children's choir, synth strings, an electronic background, and rap. Dennis Hopper (don't worry; I had to IMDB him too) stars in one particularly wacky track, Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head. Anyway, it's weird, interesting music that's not so interesting that it's unpleasant, like some of the other "interesting" music I have, like Aphex Twin.

Dennis Hopper has a kickass voice. I always like unique voices. If we had the technology to actually mimic someone's voice for text-to-speech synthesis, I would probably spend a portion of each day listening to people with great voices saying stupid things that I typed into Word.

Irrelevant sidetracks aside, I think that I like this album a little better than Gorillaz' first album, based on only about a listen and a half. I cannot wait until it arrives at my apartment in disc form. But, their best track is still Clint Eastwood.

There was crack on the corner
and someone dead
and fire coming out of a monkey's head

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